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About Us

In today’s world people tend to translate certifications to skill. The higher your certifications, the greater your skills are deemed to be – Z’AKSIS aims at breaking this conventional misconception by introducing a new dimension in skill development. In here, there won’t be a written syllabus for you to follow nor will we be teaching you classical engineering theories that are seldom used. At Z’AKSIS you learn how to Get Practical

Our mission driven training program is designed to take you on a ride through practical engineering as is, in the outside world. It will be you, your tools and machines all the way through the course. Hands-on will be the theme from day one. Our team at Z’AKSIS will be watching you learn from mistakes, guide you through what needs to be done and constantly mentor you in understanding the practical aspects of engineering.

Our multi-tasking programme will enable students to work on various branches in an integrated manner. This facility is again made to enhance their overall engineering knowledge in all fields which is most essential when you start working at an industrial level.

Unlike other training institutes, in this field, we have a unique advantage of having technical support from a company that manufactures SPMs (Special purpose machines).Students can learn a lot from how these men work on various designs to customize machines from scratch . To Get Practical – You will be accommodated in live project meetings, discussions to understand how design and concepts are arrived at.

As far as job opportunities are concerned we do not intend in committing to unrealistic promises on your career. Our sole aim is to enhance your skills and build confidence viz hands on experience. Even after the course period you could always come back to our training facility to prepare yourselves for interviews – our team will be committed in providing career guidance and arranging any practical sessions that you need for refreshing your skills.