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MDTP – Mission Driven Training Program

Our team would have designed a machine to be commissioned in a month’s time. A batch of 4 will be commissioned to assemble this machine. You will initially interpret the drawings, prioritize the works and start assembly .In a month’s time the machine will have to perform as designed. Two other machines will follow in the next two months. In three months you would have mastered the field of Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Automation. Most importantly you would have learnt how a team job is performed in industries.

The MDTP program will not only be filled in with practical aspects of automation engineering but also have subjects that deal with core oil and gas instrumentation. Students would have garnered all the knowledge that they need to understand how different works are carried out in an oil and gas industries.PTW systems, safety procedures, tool box discussions and other important disciplines will be dealt with fitting examples.

CDP – Concept Driven Projects

Projects are an issue which final year engineering students face. Most of them end up doing previously executed projects with slight modifications. ZAKSIS can cater new designs based on your requirements. New concepts will always be the driving force for us and we would encourage new thoughts and provide you with all technical know-how on how to realize the same.

Train – Pro Program

An advanced training program for professional employees who don’t get an opportunity to work on control & Automation instruments in a running plant. This course is customized for a group of individuals based on which industry they work in. it caters hands on training in the field of Automation and gives then the liberty to experiment on field & control devices to increase their confidence at work.
These courses range from evening batches, weekend batches or short term courses based on a professional requirement.

Package courses

These courses are exclusively for individuals who volunteer to be trained on a personal basis. People on a short visit from abroad normally have a specific package in the field of automation that they need to be trained on. Z’Aksis would like to cater such individuals if slots & staffs are available during the time period in question.